• Directly coupled to a load without a mechanical transmission such as a gear.
  • Powerful and smooth operation throughout the speed range from low to high.
    (Instantaneous peak torque: 6 to 600 Nm, maximum speed: 250 to 500 min-1)
  • High-resolution, 20-bit encoder for highly precise indexing.
  • Easy wiring and piping with the hollow structure.

Application Examples

  • Semiconductor equipment
  • LCD manufacturing equipment
  • Units for inspection and testing
  • Electronic parts assembling machines
  • IC handlers
  • Inspection units for integrated circuits
  • Automated machines
  • Robots

Technical Details

Type Small capacity, coreless or Medium capacity, with core
Rated Torque 2.0 - 200 Nm
Instantaneous Peak Torque 6.0 - 600 Nm

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