Controlling software for MOTOMAN robots

MotoLogix is a revolutionary software interface for controlling YASKAWA robots by PLC. 

Main features:

  • Easy programming, commissioning, teaching and operating of robots in a machine
  • Controlling of all YASKAWA DX200 robots
  • Data stored in PLC, not in robot controller
  • Assurance of YASKAWA path quality and a smooth motion

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With MotoModbus, YASKAWA provides a standard interface to almost any HMI (human machine interface).

The configurable interface can transmit variables and information about inputs/outputs. This allows basic, direct communication between the DX100 or FS100 robot controller and any HMI with a compatible Modbus TCP client interface. Additional fieldbus hardware is not required.

Main features:

  • Direct communication
  • Configurable
  • Universal for almost all HMIs
  • No indirect transmission through fieldbus

MotoOPC server

The purpose of MotoOPC is to simplify the connection between applications in manufacturing and processing and business/office applications.

OLE for Process Control (OPC) basiert auf der COM/DCOM-Technologie. It is therefore not dependent on the different standards developed by hardware and software suppliers.

The software supports the NX100 robot controller with software version 3.30 and higher as well as the DX100 and FS100 controllers.

Main features: 

  • Not dependent on hardware and software suppliers
  • Plug & Play data exchange configuration
  • Multi-client access to data distribution
  • Networking capability and Internet/intranet access

FTP function

NX100/DX100/FS100 control function for file access via FTP.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol for transferring files over Ethernet. The FTP function provides the ability for NX100, DX100 or FS100 controllers to exchange specific files with other devices via FTP. The controller can then be configured either as an FTP client or as an FTP server.

Main features:

  • FTP client
    - Stores files on the FTP server
    - Loads the files from the FTP server onto the robot
  • FTP server
    - Uploads files to the robot controller
    - Backs up files via the FTP client 
    - Clears jobs