Future-proofing your vessel

Future-proofing your vessel

We're advancing the marine industry with electric propulsion solutions based on permanent magnet machines and generators. In addition, our marine drives and hybrid solutions increase fuel savings for offshore and service vessels, commercial vessels, ferries, cruise lines and even superyachts.

Our broad marine offering can be found within our Poseidon Power portfolio. Whether you're planning to power your vessels to be diesel electric, hybrid or fully electric, Poseidon Power enables you to reach lower or zero emissions, higher profitability and future-flexibility to meet any upcoming changes with calm assurance.



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Poseidon Power – mastering DC distribution

Although some believe that Poseidon, ancient Greek god of the sea, was but a myth, we know that his legacy of ocean primacy is still very much alive. Poseidon's mythic sea power has become real, resurging anew through advanced technology to create a long-lasting change in the way we care for our oceans, waterways and seas.

With his energy and super-powered trident, the god has been stirring up many new storms: tsunamis of tighter regulations, growing piles of rusting discarded assets and the poison of polluted waters.

Yet he also offers us the power to solve these immense challenges of our time. Using his trident, he empowers us with:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Highest possible reliability
  • Superior flexibility

Poseidon can show us how to control the waves of electricity with ultimate efficiency – and a new way to make our seas clean and blue again.

Poseidon Power enables you to become the master of DC distribution.


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