Code of Conduct

Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct

We at Yaskawa EMEA are proud to work for the world’s leading technology company providing innovative products and services in the fields of drive technology, industrial automation, robotics and green energy. 

Beside the innovative technology and high product quality our reputation is also built on certain qualities and values, one of the most important of which is integrity. We bear joint responsibility for safeguarding that reputation.

Our values such as personal responsibility, openness, transparency as well as legal and ethical compliance are vital for this.

Yaskawa Electric Corporation has established the “Guidance on Yaskawa Group Code of Conduct”. Based on that Guidance the “Guidance on Yaskawa EMEA Group Code of Conduct” was established. The “Guidance on Yaskawa EMEA Group Code of Conduct” applies to all entities in the EMEA region.

Our Code of Conduct and the supplemental Guidance (“Our Commitments”) contain the fundamental principles and rules governing the way we act within our company and how we act in relation to our business partners and general public. They provide a framework for mastering legal and ethical challenges in our daily work and apply equally to everyone and at every level. Therefore, they are binding for all board members, officers, managers and employees in the EMEA region.