Manufacture of a RTM component at a trade fair

  • Client
  • Hilger u. Kern GmbH
  • Institute of Aircraft Design


  • Production process for the manufacture of an RTM fiber composite series component 


  • The process is divided into engineering, TFP preforming, RTM injection system and resin system
  • The injection process is automated using a robot, which couples the static mixer tube with the tempered mold via a check valve. Once the required quantity of resin has been dispensed, the curing process takes just a few minutes
  • Use of the check valve means that the mixing head is available for further injection processes immediately after filling the mold


  • Manufacture of RTM series components in very short cycles
  • High system availability as a result of the robot-guided coupling to the check valve
  • Thanks to the fast coupling/uncoupling of the mixer tube at the check valve by the robot, the installation of a process line with multiple molds can be implemented as an automated overall process chain for large batch sizes