The traditional brewery goes robotics

  • Client
  • Roma Mineralvannfabrikk AS


  • Roma Mineralvannfabrikk AS is an award winning family owned company with an almost hundred year long history of making soft drinks from their own recipes. In addition to this the factory also has license production of other brands, as well as special production of beverages with their own labels for companies, teams and associations. Good design, good quality and good traditions is producing world class soft drinks at “Den Lille Brusfabrikk” in Lillestrøm today.
  • In 2014 Roma was faced with an increased number of orders that also required more flexibility than the traditional production methods of a small brewery. It was more or less a question of continuing with all these types of soft drinks and various PET bottle sizes, or not.


  • Roma took the plunge and settled for a flexible, and yet financially obtainable, robotic solution with two Motoman robots and gripper tools from ABTrygg. Equally important was the clever design of a sorting table able to handle both single bottles and bottles in multi packs. This would ensure Roma the necessary flexibility in production in the years to come.


  • With a new and modern packaging system, Roma have been able to offer new customers attractive solutions that have made results for the factory. 
  • Due to the new flexibility the company has been able to increase its sales by about 30 %.